Tuesday, April 12, 2016

J is for…James Bond

James Bond is maybe not typically touted as a superhero. There's no supernatural, mad science, or otherworldly explanation for him. But then again, Batman and Ironman are "just human," too. Definitions of what actually constitutes a "super" hero vs. just an ordinary hero are sketchy.

The character definitely plays as a superhero for me, though. A different sort depending on which iteration we're talking about. Clever and slick, charming, sociopathic, with killer instincts (pun intended), he's a dangerous man, who is at least mostly on the side good. His instincts might be his superpower. Or maybe it's luck.

Choosing which Bond is yours is like choosing your Doctor in Doctor Who. It may say more about you than you realize. Whether you prefer the lighter interpretations or the grittier ones, the gadgets or the hand to hand combat, the smarmy or the deadly serious.
I grew up watching Roger Moore with my mother, but in my head, the voice that says "Moneypenny" belongs to Sean Connery. I saw the Dalton and Brosnan flicks, but they didn't stick with me. I think Daniel Craig might be "my" James Bond though. I like darkness in my heroes, and Craig's Bond is full of that. He's damaged goods, with a heart seeking redemption. He's dangerous, not just for his weaponry, but because part of you wants to save him, even if it gets you killed in the process.

Yeah. That's my Bond.

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  1. I don't know if you watch(ed) Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but there's an episode in season 6 where the three villains argue over which Bond is the best, and it's hysterical (My favorite line: Timothy Dalton should win an Oscar and beat Sean Connery over the head with it!")

    Daniel Craig is my Bond, too. I like a Bond who isn't too overly reliant on gadgets. He'll take the bad guy out with a butter knife if he has to.

    But yeah, 'Moneypenny' is totally Connery's.

    1. I remember that episode! (I'm a Buffy fan, too: she was my B)

  2. no super hero can ever match Bond

  3. Roger Moore is my bond, though Connery is a close second.

  4. Craig is definitely my Bond too - probably because I love his supporting cast too. Moneypenny and Q are simply awesome.
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  5. I grew up with all the Bond incarnations, but I would still say that Timothy Dalton is still my favorite.

  6. I was always a fan of Sean Connery's Bond.

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  7. I've enjoyed the Bond flicks throughout their history and am quite fond of the Daniel Craig rendition.

  8. Daniel Craig is definitely my favorite. I really love the newer Bond films. Sean Connery would probably be second (just because). Then Roger Moore. I haven't put a lot of thought into this or anything...

    1. LOL. Naw, that whole hierarchy is right off the top of your head, of course. :-)

  9. Sean Connery followed by Pierce Brosnan - the other bonds don't exist. :-D

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  10. I loved some of the older James Bond movies.

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