Interviews and Guest Spots

22 September 2020
15 September 2020

Sumiko Saulson
10 September 2020

Superhero Fashion, video panel
2 September 2020

1 September 2020

29 August 2020

25 August 2020

Speculative Chic
17 August 2020

Writing Poems for Candy, video interview
Interview on Ragsdale & Saylor
10 August 2020

Behind the Mask podcast, episode #104
or on YouTube
10 July 2020

30 June 2020

Public Domain Radio 
18 June 2020

2 June 2020

Authors Publish
28 May 2020

Panel discussion, Superhero-Fiction Virtual Convention
20 May 2020

Creating the Power Behind Supers
Panel discussion, Superhero-Fiction Virtual Convention
19 May 2020

Geeky Rants Live
ConCarolinas Virtual 2020
16 May 2020

12 May 2020

WE PAW Bloggers Ezine #30
11 May 2020

WE PAW Bloggers Ezine #29
4 May2020

WE PAW Bloggers Ezine #28
27 April 2020

Gail Z Martin's Shadow Alliance Facebook Group
22 April 2020

WE PAW Bloggers Ezine #27
20 April 2020

Amy Ravenel's Facebook
9 April 2020

WE PAW Bloggers Ezine #25
7 April 2020

WE PAW Bloggers Ezine #24
31 March 2020

Misfit Monday Feature 
30 March 2020

Book Babble with Falstaff Books
on YouTube
5 March 2020

Breaking Up With a Publisher
on WEPAW Bloggers e-zine
28 February 2020

Excerpt from Face the Change
on Ayden K Morgen
17 January 2020

Interview with Samantha Bryant
on Ayden K Morgen
13 January 2020

There's No Magic Feather, Dumbo
on Natania Barron
9 January 2020

Getting to know Samantha Bryant
On Betty Bolte
13 December 2019

Sometimes I Feel I've Got to Run Away: Writer's Retreat!
on Writer Fairys
1 July 2019

Writer Imperfect (Twitch Show) #36
1 April 2019

 Interview on The Book Tavern
31 March 2019

The Writing Desk Blog
Get to Know the Author
1 March 2019

Reading "The Girl in the Pool"
Illogicon 2019

Mistral Dawn's Musings
11 January 2019

Lemon Drop Literary
28 December 2018

Ellwyn Autumn
28 December 2018

Author Spotlight
3 November 2018

Top 5 Benefits of Writing for Anthologies
Juneta Key's Writer's Gambit
23 October 2018

Video: Conapalooza 2018: Reading of The Force Doth Awaken
13 October 2018

Fun Friday: Meet Patricia O'Neill
Guest blog post for Betty Bolte
28 September 2018

Video: Panel Discussion: The Rise and Fall of Joss Whedon
(Ravencon 13.5) 22 September 2018

Holding Out for a Hero
Guest blog post for Megan O'Russell
18 August 2018

The In-The-Know Nine feature
on The Broad Life
13 August 2018

Interview on Wolf Notes
11 July 2018

Interview on The Writing Desk Blog
30 May 2018

Video: Panel Discussion: Lune Spark Short Story Contest
(originally 2017, released to YouTube March 2018)

An Interview with Samantha Bryant
On Adriel Wiggins
16 February 2017

Author Interview: Samantha Bryant
On Book Squireel
2 October 2017

Ready for something a little different . . .
On Mrs Average Evaluates
7 July 2017

Twisting the Tropes
On Kathy Bryson
2 July 2017

Author Spotlight: Question and Answer
On Curiosity Quills
14 June 2017

Menopausal Superheroes: An Interview with Samantha Bryant
Women and Words
2 June 2017

Gray Hats on Curiosity Quills
8 March 2017

The Marriage of True Minds on Curiosity Quills
1 February 2017

Author Spotlight: Renee Scattergood
14 January 2017

Building a Chain: The Joys of a Daily Writing Habit on Curiosity Quills
9 January 2017

Getting Out of My Own Way: Building a Writing Life
on A writer and her adolescent muse
3 October 2016

The Female Antihero
on I Smell Sheep
24 July 2016

Superhero Mum
on Christine Campbell
14 June 2016

on Yolanda Renee
6 June 2016

On the Importance of Good Cover Art
on Z.R. Southcombe
27 May 2016

Ripples in the Stream
on Renee Scattergood, Author
26 May 2016

Getting Serial
on Elizabeth Hein, Author
11 May 2016

Game Changers: A Daily Writing Habit
28 April 2016

How the Girl Became a Novelist: A Fairy Tale
on Simon Easton, Author
24 April 2016

20 Questions with Doug Schwartz
10 April 2016

Guest Newsletter Post with Tegan Wren
3 March 2016

Interview in Margaret L. Carter's newsletter
29 February 2016

2016 2k Indie Book Tour
17 February 2016
on Kate M. Colby

Building a Hero I can Believe In
16 February 2016
on Curiosity Quills Press

Interview with Dr. Patty on Morning Coffee
27 January 2016

Why Superheroes?
on Curiosity Quills Press
6 January 2016

Cure a Movie Hangover: Superheroes!
on Curiosity Quills Press
16 December 2015

To Be Continued . . .Writing a Sequel or Series
on Renee Scattergood Writes
20 November

Why I'm Screaming!
on Scream! For the Cure
22 October 2015

Interview on Legendary Women
15 October 2015

Guest Post: Secrets of Older Heroines
Wordwraiths Books
15 October 2015

Page 69 Challenge, Review and Interview
Barb Taub
17 September 2015

Interview with Drae Box
Drae Box Books
5 September 2015

These are the Reasons We Need Female Heroes
Rachel Thompson, Think Feel Share
30 August 2015

Introducing Samantha Bryant and Her Menopausal Supers
Menopausal Superheroes: An Origin Story
Vanessa MacLellan
19 August 2015

The Questions with Samantha Bryant
DSavannah Rambles
6 August 2015

What I Learned from Rewriting my Novels
The Renegade Word
5 August 2015

You Gotta Laugh or You'll Cry
Enter the Laughter, Marti Lawerence
5 August 2015

Interview with Tegan Wren
5 August 2015

More Than One Kind of Woman Can Be a Hero
Kate Colby
5 August 2015

Walk Like a Man
Kimberly FDR
5 August 2015

Interview with Elizabeth Hein
5 August 2015

Interview with Emma Adams
5 August 2015

More Than One Kind of Woman Can Be a Hero
Dave Higgins
5 August 2015

Small, Independent Publishers: Neither a Jet Plane, Nor a Slow Boat to China
Andy Goldman
5 August 2015

A Woman of a Certain Age: Heroism Over Forty
Constance Burris
5 August 2015

Getting Older and Bolder
Once in a Blue Muse, LJ Cohen
4 August 2015

An Interview with Chad C. Clark
The Baked Scribe
3 August 2015

My Paper Baby Learns to Crawl
The Writings of Kate McIntyre
3 August 2015

My Paper Baby Learns to Crawl
Ann Anderson Noser
3 August 2015

Judging My Own Book by Its Cover
Defending the Pen
3 August 2015

Why Superheroes?
K.K. Burks
2 August 2015

Why Superheroes?
Kissed by Literature
2 August 2015

There Is No Black and White
Aimee Hyndman, Slush and Writing with Kallypso
31 July 2015

So, You Wanna Write a Superhero Novel?
Wendy Van Camp, No Wasted Ink
31 July 2015

Building a Hero I Can Believe In
Jason Feingold, Memos From the Head Office
29 July 2015

It's All in Where You're Standing: Point of View
Curiosity Quills Press
28 July 2015

Keeping the Romance Alive
Clare Dugmore Writes
27 July 2015

Interview with Doug Schwartz
23 July 2015

It's All About Me…And It's Not: Autobiography in Fiction
Guest Post on
18 July 2015

My Paper Baby's First Month
Guest Posting on
29 May 2015

May Author Interview with Zan Marie Steadman
26 May 2015

What I Learned from Rewriting my Novels
Guest Post on Writing . . . Just Because
3 May 2015

Dear Teen Me
30 April 2015

Interview with the Author: Samantha Bryant
28 April 2015

#5OnFri: Five Superhero Novels for Adults
Guest Post on DIYMFA
24 April 2015

Hormones and Superheroes: A Menopause Novel Giveaway
Guest Post on Barbara Younger's Friend for the Ride
23 April 2015
Re-posted on TalkHealth Partnership
28 April 2015
Re-posted on Vibrant Nation
28 April 2015

Going Through the Change: When Menopause Creates Superheroes
Interview with Missy Shelton Belote
23 April 2015

Going Through the Change: A Menopausal Superhero Novel by Samantha Bryant
Interview with Renee Scattergood
23 April 2015

Yes, Virginia, There Really Is a Menopausal Superhero
Guest Post on Michele Berger's The Practice of Creativity
20 April 2015

Turn and Face the Change
Guest Post on Anne O'Connell's Mental Pause
18 April 2015

Reclaiming the Cape
Guest Post on Scarlet Dijk's A Writer's Tale
14 April 2015

Radio Interview: Carolina Book Beat
Interview with hosts Samuel Montgomery-Blinn and Mur Lafferty
7 April 2015

Featured Author Interview
Book Reader Magazine
2 April 2015

Author Interview
on James Kemp's Themself
27 March 2015

Building a Hero I Can Believe In
Guest Post on A Well Read Woman
12 March 2015

Author Interview
on Lia Mack, Author of Waiting for Paint to Dry
5 March 2015

WIP: Going Through the Change
on Platypire
1 March 2015

Growing Up to Be Jo March
Guest Post on Christine Campbell's Write Where You Are
20 February 2015

Character Interview with Patricia O'Neill
on Renee Scattergood's Renee Writes
20 Feburary 2015

Character Interview with Patricia O'Neill
on Renee Scattergood's Author Spotlight
18 February 2015

with Fiona McVie on authorsinterviews
6 February 2015

Curiosity Quills Author (interview)
on Katie Teller's Stories
2 January 2015

Announcing! Menopausal Superheroes
on Barbara Younger's Friend for the Ride
3 December 2014

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