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Dave Higgins: The Good Will Tour

 "Bryant blends social roles of women, the responsibilities of power, flash powers, and fast-paced action to produce an exciting superhero tale with depth."


Winner of a Jacquis Award from Legendary Women

28 March, 2016

Dave Higgins

Combining complex characters, some of whom happen to be women experiencing the menopause, with the engaging simplicity of a classic ZAPPOWW! to the face, Bryant creates a world that offers both escape from reality and an insight into very real issues. Both light-hearted and serious, this novel represents a growth in superhero fiction.(also on goodreads)

Brian Rush
This story has perhaps the most original and unusual premise in recent years.

Michele Berger

I couldn’t wait to read this book as I am hooked on following the adventures of the brave, smart and complex women that populate Samantha Bryant’s novels. Be prepared for a fast read in this third installment in ‘The Change’ series. Everything pops in this well-plotted novel that continues the adventures of four menopausal women changed forever by the scientist, Cindy Liu.

Kate Colby
If you love superheroes, feminism, and a dash of humor, you will love Going Through the Change.
Ian Woods
This novel was original, gorgeous, and a true joy to read.
Dava Stewart
If you enjoy characters who are not stereotypes, heroes that don't expect to be, or a premise that's not average or run-of-the-mill in any way, you will likely enjoy this story.
Lynette At Menopausal Goddess Blog
Samantha Bryant’s new novel, Going Through The Change, is a delightful tale of science gone awry. Four women develop unique superpowers using alternative creams or teas created by a menopausal mad scientist.
Gregory Lynn
Of course, when you get down to reading a story, you don’t really give a damn about representation this or social justice that. You want an engaging story. Going Through the Change delivers.
Pour Over Parchment
To summarize this book in a few short words, I’d have to say it was quirky, imaginative, and inspiring.
DL Keur
In the first few chapters, I found myself laughing out loud at the pluck of these ‘in-over-their-heads-and-know it’ women of unusual talent.
K. Lynn
As a fan of comic books, I'm used to the origin story cycling around characters who are young, just entering into adulthood, but what if the changes happened on the other end of the spectrum? What if the knowledge of years of living could be brought to a whole new experience? This is what the novel focuses on, and does so brilliantly.
Sharon Bayliss
I selected Going Through The Change to be my first beach read of the season. I wanted something light, but not cotton candy fluff.…The story is funny and clever, and Bryant did a great job creating colorful, dimensional characters. Perfect for a light, fun read.

Zan Steadman
Going Through the Change is chock full of black humor that skewers the twin notions that menopausal women aren't as good as younger women and that menopause is a disease that must be treated. Bryant's ladies are superheroes. Read this one if you are postmenopausal, perimenopausal, or a long way from "the change."
Lia Mack
Finally, a fresh new voice in women's fiction. And an absolutely unique take on the emotional journey of women!

Women of Badassery
This book hooked me hard and pulled me hard right past the middle of the story. The onset of the women’s powers and their eventual discovery of one another is the best part.
Libromancer's Apprentice
I love the premise of this book. Lets be honest, how often do we have action stories centered around menopausal women, especially when its the women who are doing the action. The idea that for a handful of women "going through the change" involves the gain of powers and transformations of the comic-book superhero type is novel.

This brilliant book has put a lighthearted spin on the whole drama of The Change, and made it something new, exciting, funny and bearable for both men and women, well, sort of. (also on goodreads)
Lori Twining
Samantha Bryant did a brilliant job in Going Through The Change, of portraying four different women with lives that are completely different, BUT all experiencing the real issues and symptoms of menopause. I was shaking my head, understanding the distress of the woman, but at the same time, laughing as they embraced the change.
Missy Belote
Wow...What a fun read! As a busy mom, I appreciated the quick pace and fast chapters. As a fan of super heroes, I thoroughly enjoyed this fresh twist on ordinary people receiving extraordinary abilities and powers.
C. Clark
The superhero genre frequently explores the idea of ordinary people being drawn into extraordinary situations. However, while these characters often end up rapidly becoming heroic on an epic scale, Bryant manages to retain the humanity of her characters and their situations. Our heroes deal with their problems in very human ways which, I think, makes the book that much more engaging and sympathetic. Four distinct story-lines are woven together skillfully in a story that I enjoyed reading.

 Elizabeth Hein
Going Through The Change is a book unlike any other I've read. It is funny, and poignant, and makes you think. Samantha Bryant is a talented storyteller.
A Creative Mind
Samantha is an awesome writer. It’s a great book. I couldn’t put it down. The characters are great. I love the plot. It has some great twists and turns. There are a few fun things as well. Readers will be drawn in from the very first page. It is one that people will enjoy reading. Add it to your TBR list you won’t be disappointed. I look forward to reading more of Samantha’s books.
Finally, Unique super-heroes for grown women! This clever book doesn't just break stereo-types, it takes them out and spins them around.
Melissa Reads
Delightful fun. This is a new way of thinking about super heroes and I love it. It’s a quick-paced read that ends on a cliffhanger. The characters are well crafted and differed from each other splendidly. (also on the Rosie Amber site)

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