Monday, April 11, 2016

I is for …Ironman

Robert Downey, Jr. as Ironman is one of the most perfect castings in all superhero movies ever. Whether it's that he's a fantastic actor, or that he just understands brilliant, selfish egoists because he is one, I don't know, but it's the first time I ever had any interest in Ironman as a character.

The character, as portrayed by Downey, Jr. comes across in all his self-centered, self-important glory, yet is somehow still sympathetic enough to keep me watching. Generally, I don't have much patience with self-aggrandizing people, in real life or in fiction, so it's a surprise that I'm interested in Tony Stark.

Maybe it's his enthusiasm, his mania. I do like a good mad scientist character, and Tony Stark definitely qualifies (Hello? Ultron?). Maybe it's that bad-boy charisma. I'm not generally susceptible to that either, but Downey, Jr. suggests a vulnerability beneath, and maybe I am snowed by that, at least a little.

Some characters you love to hate…this one, I hate to love.  But I do.
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  1. I'm so with you on Ironman, and Robert Downey Jr.'s casting in that role. And that Futurama meme is spot-on. :)

  2. I too enjoyed seeing RDJ in Iron Man. I think seeing glimpses of humanity in someone who we'd normally view as being an "egotist" and he happens to be a handsome Hollywood actor is what makes us sometimes go awwww.

  3. I'm pretty sure Iron Man is my favorite Avenger, and I'm also pretty sure it's mostly because of RDJ...

  4. That casting was perfect. Once he leaves the role, I'm not sure there will be another actor out there who can pull it off as well.

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  5. I have not watched all the Iron Man movies, but what I have seen I enjoyed very much. But then, I've always liked Robert Downey as an actor.
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  6. Me too :) I was never remotely interested in Iron Man before RDJ. He manages to make him vulnerable even if he says the most preposterous things.
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  7. i think i must watch iron man movies