Wednesday, July 23, 2014

In the Writing Bubble
After a good writing session, I surface with a gulp of air as if I've been deep sea diving for the past few hours. I'm so immersed in my imagined world that the real world doesn't quite make sense to me. I can't figure out why my dog doesn't look the one my main character owns or why the children in my house are the wrong ages and genders.

On a really good day, I stay in my story all day. While I'm walking the dog, I'm plotting the next big thing, or figuring out how to complicate the lives of my characters in the most interesting ways. It's like living in two worlds at once, where I move this one doing the right things, but my mind is still in the bubble.

So forgive me if I don't seem quite "there" when you talk to me. I'm probably still somewhere else.


  1. I totally grok this feeling! Only in my case it makes me seem completely insane since I'm dealing with a fantasy world and talking to gods!

    1. Mine is superheroes right now, so they might live in my world, but it's not quite the world I live in :-)