Monday, October 1, 2018

#1 of 31 Days of Halloween: Wednesday Addams

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I like the combinations of cute and creepy, fun and frightening. Maybe it's the candy. Maybe it's the cooler weather. I don't know. I just know I love it. 

So this year, I've decided to do 31 Days of Halloween here on my blog and chat about 31 different Halloween-y things I love. 

So, for day #1, let's talk about Wednesday Addams. She's one of the first "creepy" characters I can
remember loving. The Addam's Family was something I saw in re-runs when I was a little kid (it aired before I was born).

I fell in love with the character as created by Lisa Loring. That cute, but macabre little gal in the wonderful black dress with her headless doll. I was like: hey! that's me!

I was a cute little girl, too, often wearing long braids. I got compared to Pippi Longstocking or Melissa Gilbert from Little House on the Prairie more often than Wednesday, but that's probably because of the freckles. It's harder to be perceived as hardcore when you are covered in cute little polka dots.

When Cristina Ricci recreated the character for the feature films, I fell in love all again. She was even better at the absolute deadpan and the writers weren't afraid to really up the ante on the creep factor. That glowing white forehead, reminiscent of Edgar Allan Poe, was perfect! Moving her into color didn't diminish her darkness one bit.

Melissa Hunter's Adult Wednesday Addam's series created for YouTube is well worth the watch for fans, too. She really has captured what I think Wednesday would grow up to be like. My favorite episode is still the one where she takes down the cat-callers: 

I walked into a Halloween shop with my daughter the other day (who's also creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky) and spotted a Wednesday Addam's dress! Perfect!

Come on Halloween! We're ready!

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