Tuesday, October 2, 2018

#2 of 31 Days of Halloween: Halloween Songs

🎤 On the second day of Halloween, my true love gave to me 🎧 Halloween songs!

I know, songs are more the territory of Santa and his elves, but there are some really fun songs associated with Halloween. It's a great excuse every year to listen to some favorites.


I've loved that one as long as I can remember. My dad isn't a grinning sort of guy most of the time, but he always smiles when he hears this one.

Then there's:

In fact, you should probably just watch that whole movie again if you're needing some Halloween spirit.

Then, there's the ode to my teenaged horror movie favorites, from Will Smith, back before he saved us from aliens, and very underrated DJ Jazzy Jeff.

How about you friends of the Internet? Got any favorite music you revisit during spooky season?


  1. My sister is a caregiver for a group of young kids who LOVE the Monster Mash. They listen to it on repeat and wander around the house walking like Frankenstein's monster. It's so freaking cute, you almost don't mind listening to Monster Mash on repeat. For hours.