Wednesday, October 3, 2018

#3 of 31 Days of Halloween: Costumes!


One of the great joys of Halloween is the opportunity to dress up, to be someone else for a few hours. I used to be that kid who decided what they were going to be for Halloween like the day after the previous Halloween.

A costume collection of Bryants and friends
I had elaborate plans. When possible, roping others into my vision, like the time I was Cleopatra and my friend Chris was a mummy. Or the year (much more recently) when my sister, brother-in-law, me, and my husband all did characters from True Blood. I got to be Sookie :-).

Now that I'm a writer and attend conventions regularly to promote my work and network with other writers, I get to enjoy costuming all year round from cosplayers.

But Halloween is special. It's when *everyone* does it (well, almost everyone).

What was your favorite costume experience? Do you dress up as an adult?

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