Saturday, April 4, 2015

D is for Dr. Liu: A to Z Blogging Challenge

Dr. Liu is my "villain" in Going Through the Change. "Villain" gets quote marks here because I'm not a big believer in black and white divisions of the world. My "bad guy" isn't all bad and my "good guys" aren't all good. Everyone I write is decidedly gray. It's just how I see the world.

Cindy Liu does some bad things, no question. She's responsible for more than her fair share of chaos. But it's not that she set out to hurt others. That wasn't her purpose.

Like many a mad scientist, she found that moral lines became blurred for her over time. She was so focused on the ends that she had trouble seeing what might be wrong with her means. That's what made her interesting to write.

Here she is as drawn by +Charles C. Dowd . I love what he did with that pedantic finger.

This posting is part of the A to Z blogging challenge, in which bloggers undertake to post every day in April, excepting Sundays, which amounts to 26 postings, one for each letter of the alphabet--preferably along a theme. My postings will all be about my debut novel and my experiences writing it and seeing it published.

Blogging A to Z is a great opportunity to connect with some excellent bloggers and interesting people. I encourage you to check out other participating blogs, too!
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  1. Oh yes, those moral lines get blurred for many a mad scientist, let alone the more ordinary folk!

    1. I'm looking forward to writing more with Cindy. I think she might feature in a novella I'm writing for a superhero anthology this summer.

  2. Enjoying your A-Z, Samantha.
    Dr Liu sounds interesting.

    1. Thanks, Christine. She has definitely been interesting to write!

  3. Great post! I agree that characters shouldn't be purely back or white, shades of grey make everything more interesting!