Monday, August 28, 2023

Nibbles while I noodle…or not: an Open Book blog hop post


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What snack do you like with your cuppa (coffee/tea)?  

Most of my tea or coffee is a morning affair, enjoyed alongside breakfast. My writing time usually comes at the end of the day, after the job, supper, and family responsibilities have settled. Much too late in the day for me to have caffeine if I'm going to sleep at night! 

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In the winter, I might have some Tension Tamer or another herbal tea for the warmth and comfort while I write, but here in the height of summer, it's ice water. I'm too hot all the time--which is part of why I can't wait for Fall to come and rescue me.  

I don't eat while I write, so no snacks for me with that second cuppa. Eating-while-distracted is a recipe for disaster for me: either I'm clumsy and make a mess, or I eat too much because I wasn't paying attention, or I forget the snack altogether because I got focused. 

How about you? Can you snack and get creative at the same time? What's your snacking pleasure? 

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  1. With mid-morning coffee or an afternoon cup of tea, these are the times when the snacks come out

  2. Like you, if I munch while I write, I don't pay attention to how much I'm eating.

    1. Absolutely. Not the best for sticking to any kind of diet.

  3. If my husband is away and there's just me in the house, there's nothing better than eating my meals and reading at the same time!