Wednesday, August 5, 2015

BookBub Special: A Round-Up

I've been all over the blog-o-sphere these past few days. If you've been wondering what the deluge was all about, here's why: I have a BookBub special! For those not yet in the know, BookBub is awesome! It's a sort of clearinghouse for books that are on deep discount or free. You can sign up with them for free, and they will send you a daily email letting you know what bargains are available on ebooks in the genres you prefer to read.

There are many such services, but part of what makes BookBub so awesome is that they vet the choices, so you are actually likely to WANT the books they advertise to you. This is not bargain basement stuff, but temporary discounts on the good stuff. I recently picked up an anthology including a story by Neil Gaiman this way.

So, when Curiosity Quills told me that my book had been accepted for BookBub, I did a happy dance (in the kitchen where only people who already know and love me could see). Given that the news of my sale (the book is free in Kindle format on August 5th and 6th) comes from BookBub, there's a goodly chance that I'll pick up some new readers! Maybe they'll leave reviews and maybe I'll go up in author rankings and be a step closer to making a living from my words.

So, to spread the word about my book and this sale, I've been guest blogging like a crazy woman. Here's a compilation of where all I've been recently and what I've been saying.

Keeping the Romance Alive is a post I wrote for Clare Dugmore's blog about the matters of the heart of Going Through the Change. Clare writes Romantic Contemporary Fiction and also manages social media for Curiosity Quills.

For Curiosity Quills, I wrote a piece on choosing the right point of view for your story. It's All in Where You're Standing.  Curiosity Quills is my publisher, and publishes lots of other great books under the speculative fiction umbrella too!

Jason Feingold is a member of my critique group. He hosted my article Building a Hero I can Believe In. You can read his most recently published short story, Fast Food Fish Fatale, on AllegoryEZine.

Fellow Broad Universe member and speculative fiction writer Wendy Van Camp hosted my article So, You Want to Write a Superhero Novel? on No Wasted Ink.

Aimee Hyndman, author of Hour of Mischief, hosted me on Slush and Writing with Kallypso for an article on gray characters: There is No Black and White.

My article, Why Superheroes, ran on Kissed by Literature and K.K. Burks's blogs.

Yolanda Renee (and beta reader!), a murder mystery writer,  hosted me on Defending the Pen for an article called Judging my Own Book By Its Cover.

My Paper Baby Learns to Crawl was hosted by Ann Noser (beta reader!) author of How to Date Dead Guys and Kate McIntyre, author of The Deathsniffer's Assistant.

LJ Cohen, author of Derelict and Ithaka Rising, hosted me for a guest blog: Getting Older and Bolder. 

David Higgins and Kate Colby hosted me for an article, too: More Than One Kind of Woman Can Be a Hero.

Marti Lawrence, a humor writer and all-around mensch, hosted an excerpt from me under the headline: You Gotta Laugh or You'll Cry.

The Renegade Word hosted What I Learned From Rewriting My Novels.

Chad C. Clark, author of two great short story collections, Elizabeth Hein (also a critique partner), author of Overlook and How to Climb the Eiffel Tower,  Emma Adams, author of the Alliance Series, and Tegan Wren, author of Inconceivable! and DSavannah Rambles my AtoZ writing buddy, each hosted me for interviews.

Andy Goldman, a friend from Google Plus and the author of The Only City Left series, hosted my article on my path to publishing: Small, Independent Publishers: Neither a Jet Plane Nor a Slow Boat to China.

Constance Burris hosted A Woman of a Certain Age: Heroism Over Forty and Kimberly FDR (critique partner!) hosted Walk Like a Man. You should check out her recent releases as KLynn: His Womanly Ways and Coffee Date.

So, whew! That's probably more than you ever wanted to know about me or my book.

What you should really notice though is how many people were willing to step up and help me get the word out! Writers really are the friendliest and most supportive people and I am fortunate indeed to have so much support surrounding my book baby. This is just a list of the blogs. That doesn't even count people who tweeted the news or shared it on Facebook or just told their friends.

(And it's working! I just hit number 1 in superhero)

(Doing my lucky girl dance)


  1. Congratulations and very well deserved! :D

    1. Thanks, Clare. I know there's been a lot of work behind getting here (from you, and the rest of CQ, too). Feeling very fortunate today.

  2. Hope it works wonders for you! Congratulations!

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. It's been a rollercoaster for sure!

  3. Wow! You really made a splash with your guest posting. Good to hear it's paying off!