Monday, June 3, 2024

Bad writing advice, an Open Book blog hop post


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What's the worst piece of writing advice you've ever received? 

I can't honestly think of one single piece of advice that stands out as "the worst." Most of what has been sent my way has been well-intentioned. 

But anything that is entirely prescriptive and acts like there's one right way to write? Yeah, that's when I stop listening. 

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I LOVE to talk writing and publishing with other writers and learn about the tools and techniques they use. I've tried a lot of things because I read about them in blog posts, or heard about them in writing groups. 

Some have worked for me (like keeping a daily writing chain). 

Others have not (like outlining). 

What's really important though is the acknowledgement that creative process is highly personal and individual. There's no single right way to do it; no silver bullet that will guarantee fame, fortune, and success; no magic words that will suddenly make it easy. Anyone who tells you there is? 

Well, keep an eye on your wallet!

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  1. As you say, there's no right way or wrong way. Some will like our writing and some will not.

  2. It come down to just write. When your writing you can find what works and what doesn't.