Sunday, April 23, 2023

Research Rabbit Holes and Other Fun Trips, an Open Book Blog Hop post

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What are your favorite resources for research? 

Research is a lot of fun. Dangerously so, actually. I could easily spend all my time on research and never get to the actual writing. I love learning, and have been known to take a wander that had nothing at all to do with my project because I followed an interesting thread that led to another one and another one and another one after that. 

Doing Research for a novel. Avengers scene where Tony says he became an expert last night.
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Where I look for information depends on what I'm researching. A simple google search will do for for quick information, though I'm careful to consider the source and whether it's reliable when I get there. 

When I'm looking for an overview of something to get me started, I look to wikipedia. Sometimes you have to learn a little about something before you can effectively search for it. 

panicked man insisting that his internet history was research for a book. You gotta believe me!
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When I want to immerse more fully, I read non-fiction books or sometimes fiction books with the right setting or set of circumstances to suit my needs. 

The best is when I can go somewhere and learn by direct observation and experience because then I get to combine three loves: learning, travel, and writing! 

How about you? What are your go-tos when you need to research something? I'd love to hear about it in the comments. 

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  1. It's way too easy to get lost on the internet.

  2. Love the first meme, I shudder to think what a psychiatrist would make of my search history.

  3. I also love to research. So fascinating what you can discover while you are looking for something totally different.

    1. Yes! You can find ten other stories on the way to what you were trying to look up.