Monday, May 1, 2023

The moral of the story, an Open Book blog hop post

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Does every book have to have a moral? 

The short answer: no. 

Really, "every" and "have to" aren't words I like to see paired with works of art. Art is about self-expression, and sometimes the creator might have a point to make or an axe to grind, but sometimes they might just have a cool idea they want to explore. 

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If we want to expand the idea of "moral" from life lesson to something more like having a point or a purpose, I can see that more easily, but I can still think of works I've read that I can't identify any grand purpose for. 

"To entertain" probably isn't a moral. But it's the purpose of many books. 

Sometimes having an obvious moral actually makes the book heavy-handed and pedantic and then I don't want to read it. 

I do like seeing writers take on meatier topics and exploring moral questions…but I'm a big girl now, and don't need anyone to try and tell me what to think. 

How about you? Do you like a moral message in the stories you create or enjoy? 

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  1. On my part, what ever I write is purely meant as entertainment. How you see it (as a reader) was probably not how I did (as an author).

  2. LOVE the line - Really, "every" and "have to" aren't words I like to see paired with works of art. That's the truth.
    I tried to tweet but Twitter won't let me in.

    1. Thanks for the attempt. Twitter is even weirder than usual here of late.

  3. There's no reason not to write a book for entertainment only.

  4. If a writer just focus on writing a good story the morals or themes will fit into place naturally.

  5. I like to write books that make people think. A moral is there, but readers have to look for it if they've a mind to.

    1. Similar, here. I'd be happy if something if my books left a reader thinking, but I'm not about to hit them over the head with it.