Monday, September 5, 2022

An Interview with the Sidekick: an Open Book Blog hop post

Welcome to Open Book Blog Hop. You can find us every Monday talking about the writing life. This week, we're interviewing some of our "minor" characters.  I hope you'll check out all the posts: you'll find the links at the bottom of this post. 

So, let me introduce you to Suzie Grayson, from my Menopausal Superhero series. Suzie is the youngest character in the series who isn't someone's child, and one of the few non-powered characters in the main circle of heroes. 

Series Book Covers, by arrangement with the publisher

She entered the story as Patricia O'Neill's intern in book 1 Going Through the Change, and was there when Patricia's powers erupted and by her side as she built her hero's life as The Lizard Woman of Springfield. Some might call her a sidekick, but Suzie would object to that portrayal. 

Me: Hello, Suzie, Thanks for joining us here on Balancing Act today.
Suzie: My pleasure. It's not every day I get a private audience with our author.
Me: I hope you don't feel neglected.
Suzie: No worries. I've got surprises in store for you yet!
Me: (laughing nervously) Let's get to it. I know that people tend to underestimate you. I love writing those moments when they find out that they should have given a little more thought to the cute blonde. Do you have any favorite moment like that in our books?
Suzie: Well, of course my favorite is the short story about me: Underestimated.
Me: That is a good one! I really loved it when you turned off the generator by throwing your shoe into it. Quick thinking!
Suzie: That was a good moment, though I was more proud of the way I escaped from the chair they had tied me to.
Me: Classic sidekick moment. Though, of course, you didn't sit around waiting to be rescued. 
Suzie: No way. Patricia needed me. 
Me: You guys have a special relationship. 
Suzie: (laughing) Sure. You could call it that. There's nobody like her. But let's just call it what it is: she's my girlfriend. 
Me: What's that like? Working with your significant other?
Suzie: Well, it's never easy to work with Patricia, and it hasn't gotten easier since we started dating. But she's learning that I don't need protecting any more than she does. I'm really excited to see what you settle on for us in the next book!
Me: (sigh) Me, too. It's been hard, writing the series ender. 
Suzie: (winking) We can always come back for side stories later. It doesn't have to be good-bye!
Me: (brightening) You're right! 
Suzie: Of course. I almost always am. 

So glad you had the chance to meet Suzie, a feisty, determined, and brilliant young woman who is a delight to work with on the page. You can find her spotlight story in my Menopausal Superheroes short story collection: Through Thick and Thin. 

book cover by arrangement with the publisher

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  1. She sounds like a quick thinking side-kick and a lot of fun to write.

  2. A good sidekick is worth their weight in gold, to their hero and the story. And Suzie sounds like one of the best.

  3. Fun interview! Makes me wonder what else the pair has gotten into