Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Slowing Down for Snow Days

Time, it seems, has sped faster with each year of my life. Most days are so stuffed that at the end, I fall onto the sofa feeling like I've been run over. It gets to me after a while, even when the things my day is stuffed with are all pleasant and fun. 

I get frazzled and grumpy if I don't get to slow down, appreciate, and reflect often enough. 

Writing is good for that. It's a quiet, solo activity, reflective and thoughtful. But there are times when even that is not enough to reset my equilibrium. 

But, as I write this, I'm on my second snow day, with the possibility of yet another one coming. The timing couldn't be better. Thank you, Mother Nature! 

My house was well stocked with yummy things thanks to our Chanukah preparations. Our power
stayed on, so we could enjoy the full gamut of entertainment options we've gathered over the years. We had enough wood for fires and all four Bryants were already at home when the weather hit. 

As a group, the Bryants finished some lingering projects for school, cleaned up, caught up on laundry, baked, slept extra, played games, read, played in the snow, petted the dog and told him he's pretty, and just sat and talked beside a fire with cocoa. 

Even the husband who still had to work, because his work can be done from home, got to sleep later, avoid driving, eat warm food prepared with love, and enjoy better breaks during his day. 

We didn't run any errands, do any shopping (except maybe the clicky kind: online), visit anyone outside of walking distance, or attend any events. 

I'm glad the weather forced us into a little quiet time just as we needed it. All of us are the better for the lull. 


  1. I love this description of free unplanned time and family time together. This is so necessary to our health and well-being! Our blog next sunday is on getting that kind of time in your life and in your reltionship. I feel relaxed just having read yours! thanks, it is so important to remind each other of the need for this type of time :-)

    1. Thanks! The youngest and I ended up with a five and a half day weekend. We're only headed back to school late this morning!

  2. We live in a "hurry up" culture that seems to get worse every year. Even the weekends are full of chores. There's never time to relax and enjoy the people and the things you've got. Snow days should be mandatory, whether there's snow or not.

  3. As a group, the Bryants finished some lingering projects for school,

    ^^ I thought that said lingerie projects at first! LOL