Thursday, February 15, 2018

Sick Day

I'm home sick today. And, yes, I'm actually sick.

I've been sicker, but I'm definitely not well enough to handle 150 middle school children today, so home for a day of rest it is.

Here's hoping it helps enough to give me the wherewithal to handle my very busy Friday-Saturday-Sunday.

Like many the modern woman, I demand a lot of myself. I work a demanding full time job, handle at least half of the business of the home, and still maintain a writing life.

So, what don't I do? Well, self-care. I don't rest enough. I don't always eat well or take proper care of my body.

So eventually my body is forced to give me a smack-down and make me slow down for a moment. And that's what she's doing today.

This whole me-body-mind divide concept is kind of funny, because it's all me, of course. But I do
tend to feel like there are warring forces vying for control of my time, and that they're all within me. My body wants me to fuel it properly with rest, food, and exercise. My mind wants to explore pursuits that absorb it. My metaphorical heart wants "quality time" with those I love.

It's all balance, and when it skews too far in one direction or another, sickness can be the re-set button.

So today, I am taking it slow. Drinking tea, lying still in the dark, reading, and remembering to breathe.

Next time, I'll try to do that BEFORE it makes me sick.

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