Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A Taste of Empty Nest

I've had an interesting confluence of events this week. My husband and one of my daughters are away on a trip together. My other daughter is busy every day with a training for her school's mentoring program and her job. She'll practically be a roommate that just pops by now and then to raid the fridge.

That leaves only two Bryants at home: me and the dog.

You know what this means? 

It means that I can choose *everything* about my own schedule. When to get up, when to eat (and what!), when to go out, when to sleep, when to shower, when to write . . .EVERYTHING. O'Neill is a very flexible boy. He'll still want to run and walk, but he's happy to let me choose the time. This is literally the fewest limits on my time I can ever remember having, at least as an adult. 

I'm giddy just thinking about it. 

I'd be a lot less happy about it if this were long term, but it's really for about five days, just long enough to indulge myself a little. A *taste* of empty nest, without the feelings of loss because all my birds will come back to roost in a few days. 

I haven't made any super exciting plans. I'll probably stay very close to home most of the time, and WRITE ALL THE WORDS! But, I anticipate enjoying my respite from my regularly scheduled life, just in time for school to start (my first teacher work day is Friday). See you on the flipside!