Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Atomacon Wrap Up

This past weekend was my first con. No, I didn't bilk an old lady out of her fortune, trick an old millionaire into marrying me, or anything like that. Though I'm sure I could rock a good hat and shades, given the opportunity.

Glenne Headley as seen in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

No, this is a different sort of con. Con as in short for convention. I was a guest author at Atomacon! The six months since the release of my debut novel have been filled with all kinds of firsts.

From receiving my first delivery of a box of my own books, to my book release party at FlyLeaf books in Chapel Hill, to my first book fair (Read Local NC, Durham), to picking out table swag, it's been a wild and wonderful ride so far.

Cosplayers, as characters from Steven Universe
Atomacon was a perfect first con. Small enough to feel personable and big enough to feel professional, full of kind people in every corner. I'm hoping to attend a lot of cons in my career, maybe even someday to the be the literary guest of honor, but I couldn't have asked for a better beginning.

My author table, shared with Darin Kennedy, who was kind enough to give me the prime banner space.
I got to talk about superheroes and characters from my favorite corners of the speculative universe with writers, fans, and artists. I offered my advice on panels, signed books at my table, and celebrated book releases with other writers. I met a man who built an R2D2 he could control with a remote. The members of Broad Universe were so kind and welcoming and I had a great time participating in my first Rapid Fire Reading with them.

So, thank you South Carolina. I had a great time and hope to make a tradition of it!

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