Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What's on my dining room table today

My dining room table is the major clutter magnet of our household. My guess is that it's some kind of gravity well formed because there's a wide flat surface which only has a purpose a couple of times a day. Objects from throughout the house are mysteriously drawn to it and have to be removed before dinner can be eaten.

Today, there's:

  • a cat purse
  • vampire fangs
  • a treatise on German longsword
  • a bar of soap shaped like a brain
  • a bug jar (thankfully sans bug)
  • a Tribble
  • Christmas ornaments
  • a ten foot balloon (not inflated)
  • a lego catalog
  • two boxes of tissues
  • hair detangler for kids
  • a taekwondo class schedule
  • several books
  • an ad for the library's book sale
I love my family. There's a lot of awesome here. 


  1. Gosh--what's up with us and our tendency to clutter up tables designed for eating or shall I say dining? We do the same thing here. Last night I busted the clutter and we actually sat down at our dining room table for dinner--without company! It felt great.

  2. It's the same way around here . . .on a busy day, we clear enough space to eat only!