Saturday, August 9, 2014

#SaturdayScenes: No. 15: Marriage Poem

For #SaturdayScenes this week, I bring you a poem:

that elusive animal,
that fluttery, giddy bird—
can only truly be held
when your chosen love
chooses you. 

Strange how slight butterfly wings
so delicately built
(on trust, on faith, on love)

can make you fly.

I wrote this one on the occasion of my marriage. I'm revisiting it today as I signed my first book publishing contract yesterday and was surprised to realize how much it felt like getting married: long term commitment, legal ramifications, relationships . . . Here's to both these marriages lasting!
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  1. I love your poem. It's very delicately rendered. I am celebrating my 29th wedding anniversary today. I know just what you mean about book contracts and being married. All too true!

  2. Thanks, Stephanie! The hubby and I are still going strong at eight years. Wouldn't it be lovely if my publishing marriage can last that long, too?