Monday, October 30, 2023

Writing from the road, an Open Book blog hop


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Do you write while you are travelling? How do you make it work? ______________________

What a great topic to welcome me back to this blog hop---since the reason I haven't participated in a few weeks has been travel! 

I was in the Pacific Northwest, if you're curious, visiting my sister with my Mum. 

Some holiday pictures

So, yes, I do write when I travel. I write every day. No matter what. How I work that out depends on what kind of travel. 

When I'm visiting my Mom and Dad or attending a convention, I know I'll get a little time to myself in a day--so I bring my laptop with me, and I write a little every day. Usually it's less than I would have written at home, but I stick to my every day writing habit as usual, keeping going on my regular projects. 

But if I'm traveling far or focused on vacation, I don't want to mess with bringing my laptop and I want to stay in the moment, not leaving to hand out with my imaginary friends, so instead of writing on my regular projects, I keep a detailed travel journal on paper--taking an hour or so each night before I sleep to record what I did with my day and my impressions of all I saw. 

These travel journals have proven useful to me in my writing life, as I use those memories and settings in things I write, as well as just for my own memories. When I'm trying to put together my photo album to share with family and friends, those notes fill in the details and remind me about the small things I'd forgotten, like the name of the cool shop or who that guy represented by that statue was. 

It's not the same as making progress on my latest novel directly, but it all feeds my work. 

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  1. I write every day as well, the voices in my head never take a break and it all gets crowded if I don't keep up.

  2. Well done for managing to write every day. It's good to look back at that journal and remember.

  3. I never got into journaling. I tried keeping a diary as a kid, but my life was pretty boring and I gave it up.