Monday, June 8, 2020

Women's Fiction Day: Focus on Speculative Women's Fiction

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Today is Women's Fiction Day, which might have some of you saying, so what's "women's fiction"?

Like most definitions and categories, you might get a slightly different answer depending on who you ask. But I like this one from the Women's Fiction Writer's Association (a fabulous and supportive organization I am a proud long time member of):

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Women's fiction books can cross-categorize and also be thrillers, or historical fiction, or adventure stories or any number of other things. 

My Menopausal Superhero series is women's fiction. It's also science fiction or fantasy (depending on who is shelving the books today: superhero falls under both of these genre umbrellas). It's action and adventure, too. But at the heart of the story, we have a group of women struggling to come to terms with life-changing events and we follow them through that journey. So, it's women's fiction. 

GIVEAWAY! One digital copy of the volume of your choice from the series to a randomly selected commenter on this post. Please leave me an email address or another way to contact you in your comment and I'll choose a random winner on 15 June 2020. If you wish to enter without leaving contact information publicly, leave a comment and email me separately at  I won't add you to my newsletter unless you ask me to (or you can do that yourself here). 

Of course, I'm only one of many women out there writing speculative women's fiction and this seems like the day to highlight some of the innovative work by my colleagues. There can't be too many stories that give us the chance to follow a woman's journey AND enjoy the pleasures of speculative fiction at the same time! Here are some books to check out to celebrate the day: 

 Stephanie Alexander's Cracked Slipper series mixes women's fiction with fairy tale enchantment. She also penned Charleston Green, a work of Southern women's fiction featuring a ghostly murder mystery.
 Virginia King writes the Secrets of Selkie Moon series, modern psychological thrillers with a mythical twist, peppered with a cast of quirky characters. 
Laurel Anne Hill’s novel, THE ENGINE WOMAN’S LIGHT, is a spirits-meet-steampunk, coming-of-age heroic journey of Juanita Elise Jame-Navarro in an alternate 19th Century California. 
 Diane Byington's newest release If She Had Stayed, is a blend of women's fiction, thriller, and time travel.
 Rachel Dacus's work explores ghosts and time travel alongside friendship, romance, and sisterhood. 
A L Kaplan writes character-driven science fiction, dystopian, and fantasy. In Star Touched, 18 year old Tatiana is running from her past and her star-touched powers 8 years after a meteor devastated earth's population.


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