Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I is for Island (Tybee Island): A to Z Blogging Challenge

It's April and you know what that means: The AtoZ Blogging Challenge! For those who haven't played along before, the AtoZ Blogging Challenge asks bloggers to post every day during April (excepting Sundays), which works out to 26 days, one for each letter of the alphabet. In my opinion, it's the most fun if you choose a theme.

My theme this year is Places in my Heart, all about the places I've been and loved and that have mattered to me in a lasting sense.

For my regular readers, you'll see more than the usual once-a-week posts from me this month. I'm having a great time writing them, so I hope you enjoy reading them, too.

I is for Island (Tybee Island)

My now-husband and I had a trip to Tybee Island when he was my boyfriend. 

That was the weekend he became my fiancé. 

I think that would have happened anyway, but it probably happened that particular weekend because Tybee Island is such a lovely and romantic place, even in February. 

The beauty of the moment, down at the seaside at sunset (and, of course, his love for me), overcame him and he proposed right there. We were so happy we danced around in a circle jumping up and down for a while. It's probably a good thing no one else was there to see how silly we looked. 

My publicly-shareable memories of that weekend include lots of walking on the beach, seeing Pelicans (my favorite bird!) and dolphins, the lighthouse, and some truly delicious seafood (which my husband sweetly tolerated; being a non-seafood eater himself). 

Tybee is a quieter place than other tourist beach towns we've visited, which makes it perfect for us. We're really not noisy crowd sort of folk. We haven't yet been back, though not for lack of trying. Maybe the next anniversary. 


  1. What a great memory! I've never hear of Tybee Island and Googled some images.

  2. I just commented on your Tom's Book Nook page, and now I see that you have pages dedicated to Queen City/Cincinnati (which, being from Bellevue, I of course grew up next to and love); the Lexington Joseph-Beth (I was an English major at UK, and I remember that too), and now Tybee Island--which I've been to quite a few times now that I live in the greater Savannah area, and where I even got engaged. Well, thanks for writing about a lot of places special to me as well!