Saturday, September 17, 2016

My votes: #SonofaPitch

It was my great pleasure to provide feedback and vote on which pitches would go onto the next round in the 2017 Son of a Pitch contest.

We had some really fantastic entries this year! My schedule was incredibly tight (remind me not to judge a contest and have a writing deadline during the same week, especially not during the schoolyear!), so I didn't get to comment on as many of them as I would have liked, but I definitely enjoyed the reading!

Here are my top five picks for #SonofaPitch 2016:

Best Laid Plans in Scotland: I don't even read romance, generally, and I want to read this one!
Improbable Girl: Great protagonist. I was really drawn in by the first 250.
Fount of Power: I was already rooting for the MCs in just this short selection.
Doleful Creatures: Delightful storytelling style.
The Doll Train: Strong narrative voice.

Pitch contests and other critiquing experiences are always a great learning experience for writers at all stages. Having to articulate why something does or doesn't work for you, and offer suggestions for improvement trains your mind to read like a writer: identifying the techniques, word choices, patterns, etc. that make a piece work, or not.

Round three begins next week, with agents and publishers. You can follow the action over on Katie's Stories. Katie Hamstead Teller is a talented novelist, and the brains and heart behind this feedback intensive pitch contest. She's part of why it's such a pleasure to participate, and why I came back for a second year.

We're already planning another one for February. Hope you'll all come back then!


  1. Good for you for doing this despite your busy schedule. I believe that you are correct--reviewing and critiquing makes us better writers. Sounds like some winners in there.

    1. Thanks. Participating was a little crazy this year (just unlucky confluence of timing), but I always find it worthwhile.

  2. It's my first time about hearing about #sonofapitch. Still, even with your busy schedule, glad you were able to enjoy yourself. But you're right, reviewing and critiquing is a great way to hone a person's writing.

    1. Thanks for coming by Lidy. I've done #sonofapitch twice now and another contest with WFWA. It's really pushed me in my thinking about writing. So glad I took on this work!

  3. I've never heard of this one before. I imagine it was fun to be on the judging side of things! :)