Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Life in the Aquarium

As I write this, I have been sick for eight days. I have a 101 degree fever and I feel as if I'm underwater. My poor husband has been doing his paying job and the jobs of both parents all this time. 

I'm not nearly as cute as that cat. In fact, I just had to call in the calvary. 

No, not her. This is not the kind of fighter we need for this. We've sent for Grandma. The husband has to leave on a business trip, and I'm not up to being me, let alone being me and him. So Grandma to the rescue!

For the record, our Grandma is much younger and never wears spandex. She's a jeans and paint splattered tee shirt sort of gal. And we are incredibly lucky to have her! Thanks Mom!


  1. Oh man! I'm wishing you better soon. Being sick really stinks, but especially when it lingers. Sending healing cheese!

    1. Thanks so much. I'm keep my fingers crossed that I'll be okay by Saturday, able to keep my table at NC Bookmarks.