Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cover Reveal: Inconceivable! By: Tegan Wren

Fellow Curiosity Quills writer Tegan Wren's new novel, Inconceivable! comes out November 15, 2015. But today, I am happy to show you: the cover!

Isn't it a beaut?

It really captures a lot of the themes of the book. The silhouetted almost-kissing couple gives you the romance. The clock tower gives you the European setting. The newsprint gives you Hattie's career and the backdrop of the lovers' lives. So whether you should judge a book by its cover or not, this cover is a fitting one for the story. And I think Curiosity Quills has yet another winning cover!

"First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Hatty with the baby carriage." That's how it's supposed to go, right? So, what about when it doesn't? There's love, there's marriage, but there's no baby, despite the wanting and trying. And what if the husband is a crown prince?

Inconceivable! balances a light, romantic feel with the grittier realities of a couple in crisis over fertility. Since the groom in this story is a crown prince, the pressure is even more intense than for more ordinary folk. Wren's main character, Hatty, is now one of my favorite fictional people. Throughout the book, she felt very real in her reactions first to a courtship with a prince and the impact that had on her career and future plans, then with her struggles to become a mother. I was in suspense throughout, worried about what might happen next, what additional roadblocks and obstacles Hatty and John would have to overcome.

I loved reading a romantic story about royals that didn't end at the wedding, showing us that there's more to love than falling in it. There's also staying in it, even when troubles come. For better and for worse.

Here's the book blurb:
A popular, young royal couple can't produce an heir? INCONCEIVABLE!
When Ozarks native Hatty goes “whole hog” during karaoke, she catches the eye of Prince John. He isn’t what she expects the heir to a small European nation to be: he's affable, witty, and isn’t put off by her tell-it-like-it-is demeanor. Their flirtation should be short lived, but a force stronger than fate—Hatty’s newspaper editor—assigns her to cover the royals. After spending time together, she and John soon begin dating, and Hatty finds herself making headlines instead of writing them.

But challenges loom that are even more complicated than figuring out how to mesh Hatty's journalism career with life at Belvoir Palace. Hatty and John soon find themselves embroiled in an unusual sex scandal: they can't produce an heir. Tabloids dub Hatty a “Barren-ess,” and the royals become irate. Hatty politely tells them to shove it. But beneath her confident exterior, she struggles to cope with a heartbreak that invades her most intimate moments with John. Pressured to choose between invasive medical procedures and abandoning John’s claim to the throne, the couple feels trapped until a trip to Ethiopia shows them happy endings sometimes arrive long after saying “I do.”

And Tegan herself:

The best compliment Tegan Wren ever received came from her sixth grade teacher: “You always have a book in your hand!”

Guided by her love of the creative process, Tegan grew up acting in theatre productions and writing poetry, short stories, and plays. She turned her eye to writing about real life when she worked as a journalist, producing reports for various radio and television stations in medium and large markets in the Midwest and also filing some stories for a major national news network. Wren has both a Bachelor’s of Journalism and a Master of Arts in Communications. After completing her graduate degree, Tegan had the opportunity to teach journalism courses at a major state university. She absolutely loved training the next generation of journalists.

Tegan’s thankful that she’s had the opportunity to travel overseas, and uses those adventures to inform her writing. She also draws inspiration from her own struggles, joys, and life experiences. Tegan and her husband, Patrick, experienced infertility for five years before becoming parents through adoption.


Here are the links, if you're interested in learning more about Tegan or her book: 

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  1. It looks amazing, and sounds like an interesting read!

    1. It's a great book, Drae! You should give it a go when it comes out.

  2. Thanks so much, Samantha! I love your post, and so appreciate your enthusiasm for my cover and book!