Thursday, April 18, 2013

Now We Are Six

Now we are six.  We are missing two teeth and like to stick our tongue in the hole and roll it up like a taco.  If we knew how, we'd blow bubblegum bubbles through it.

When we were a baby, and had no teeth, we'd get tired and bounce our head against mom or dad's shoulder making a bwah-bwah-bwah sound.   Woodpeckering, mom and dad called it and smiled.

Now we are six.  Our legs are so long and slender, they look untenable for support, yet we run like the wind laughing.  Sometimes, we stretch our arms behind us and run like the Ninja Turtles.

When we were one, and not yet walking, we bounced around the house on our knees, a comical method of movement that amazed and dismayed the adults around us.

Now we are six, and we are very punny. We are a word-nerd in the making, loving to learn new words, even better if we can read them by ourselves. We recently made a joke that made sense.

When we were two and three, we loved knock-knock jokes, but we didn't get them. We'd say, "Knock knock," and when you'd say, "Who's there!" we'd say something random like "hot dog in a bucket!" and run away laughing.

Now we are six and we are heartbreakingly beautiful in the way that only six year old girls can be. That's no surprise, though, we've always been amazing.

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