Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fantasies of Wealth

I've been daydreaming a lot about being wealthy lately.  In my daydreams, I am Nora Charles (from the Thin Man movies), off adventuring with my husband.  Maybe I win the lottery, or sue someone for damages and win. Maybe I was just inherited Daddy's money (in the daydream, I have a wealthy father instead of my more ordinary hardworking and well-enough-off-because-of-that father).  It doesn't matter where the money comes from, but in my daydream I have it.

Having money doesn't change much in my daydream. I still live in my house, though I have now expanded it to add the game room and writing garret.  I don't have servants, but someone does come by and do the yard work and I have someone who makes sure my bills gets paid and the errands I don't feel like handling get done.  I still teach, but for limited gigs that I select with students who all want to be there. I still cook, but I get to try all the cool expensive stuff whenever I want.  I travel. I travel a lot.  I buy tickets for people and take them with me. I give gifts to anyone I want, when I want to.

The main thing my daydream money does for me is give me time.  Days like today make me crave free time like addicts must crave their next hit.

If my day were my own today, I would have slept late, then taken my husband to breakfast (the girls would still have school).  After a leisurely breakfast (probably at Elmo's in Carrboro), we'd walk and talk.  T would leave me alone and I'd go write for a little while, leaving him to do his thing for a while.  We'll discreetly show you the ceiling and not talk about the afternoon. I'd read a book while I wait for the girls to come home from school.

Tonight is T's gaming night, so the girls and I would have eaten Halibut (we eat fish when T's not home) and then some kind of fancy s'more cake dessert that I made up. I wouldn't be tired and irritable from my workday, so I'd spoil both girls with attention. I'd let M teach me to apply eye makeup and try to paint N's fingernails while she reads me a comic book.We'd laugh together.

Then it would be bedtime. Since I'm Nora Charles, I'd put on something silky and beautiful, just to sleep in.  I probably wouldn't stay up that late, because I still want to take the girls to school myself, but I'd be free to if I wanted to.

Hmmm . . .maybe I'd best get back to my novel.  It probably won't make me rich, but I bet it would pay for a trip somewhere.

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