Monday, March 13, 2023

Vacationing in Fiction, an Open Book Blog Hop post

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What are your favorite vacation spots and do they ever show up in your books?

I love traveling. I haven't gotten nearly as much of it as I want (I had kids--and they are expensive and time consuming, LOL), and I want to go everywhere! It might be shorter to make a list of places I don't want to go, than a list of where I want to visit.

Choosing favorites is difficult, but my trip to Ireland last summer was definitely a recent highlight! I'd love to go back. 

We'll call this collage "Samantha in Ireland" 

So far, I haven't used many completely real places in my fiction. I've used places and elements, but I've mixed them together in ways that aren't actually true. 

I know I'll use a lot of the ruins and scenery I saw on this trip to Ireland in my Gothic romance (working title: The Architect and the Heir), but not exactly as they actually exist. It's more about mood and interesting details than actual representation of the places I've been. 

Danguire Castle up there in the middle would definitely fit into that book, as would the magic light from the garden at Strokestown or the half-ruined walls of Jerpoint. Though, my heroine will probably not look as happy as me, given that she's got a haunting and some family secrets to deal with. 

Even though I haven't used my real vacations in my work, as a reader, I've really enjoyed running across places I've been in fiction. So maybe someday, I'll do the same for my readers. 

How about you? Do you enjoy incorporating favorite vacation spots in your creative work? Or reading it in others' work? I'd love to hear what you think in the comments!

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  1. I like to use elements from vacations in stories when I can too. I'd love to visit a castle and incorporate it into my setting some day.

    1. Whether you ever write about it or not, I highly recommend seeing castles. Thrills the soul.

  2. Fabulous photos. Lots of details to be able to use. Tweeted.

  3. It's great to amalgamate several real places into one reality when you're creating a fictional place. With just enough hints to get readers wondering where the truth ends and the fiction starts.

  4. I like the look of Danguire Castle - that's a story in itself!

    1. Yes! I attended a somewhat cheesy but fun banquet-show there. I'd actually like to know more about the castle itself and explore it without the showmanship. So scenic!