Monday, January 30, 2023

Who I Stalk and Why: An Open Book Blog Post

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Are there other writers you ‘stalk’ on social media? Who and why?


In this day and age, I'm not sure 'stalk' is really a word that applies in these situations. I'm not some creeper lurking in bushes, after all, but a person who clicked "follow" on an open forum to see what someone is posting publicly. But semantics aside, I definitely do take an interest in what other writers are doing!

I follow a lot of writers. I especially enjoy following writers and creators I have a personal connections with. This makes up the bulk of my social media feeds. I get invested in the work and careers of people I've met and interacted with way more than complete strangers.  Here's a few you might also enjoy: 

Natania Barron is SO into clothing. Her thread talks are really interesting, even if historical clothing is not one of your core obsessions. She also posts with great openness about her writing life, her struggles with ADHD, and life in general. She's such a genuine and authentic person, even while on Twitter, and I am always glad I've read what she posts. (we share a publisher for some of our work)

Nicole Givens Kurtz is the mastermind behind Mocha Memoirs Press. I was a fan of Nicole-the-person and Nicole-the-writer (her horror gives me long-lasting shivers), even before she published one of my stories in Slay: Stories of the Vampire Noire. Of course, I only like her better now. She's a great source for diverse speculative fiction. I learn something every time I talk to Nicole, and there's no one better to be on a panel with at a convention. 

Rachel Brune is the head honcho over at Crone Girls Press, known for feminist horror. She writes a variety of urban fantasy, horror, and other speculative fiction and put together one of the best anthologies I've read in a long time: A Woman Unbecoming (and I don't just say that because I'm in it). And she does all of this while also raising kids and doing crazy things like earning another degree at the same time.  

And if you're looking for literary and writing-life related humor, you can't do better than Tara Wine-Queen Writes. She's got a go-getter, positive energy I find irresistible. Plus, she can be relied upon to reference Pride and Prejudice frequently. 

I follow my fair share of celebrity authors, too. But they don't need me to tout them--they're already super-famous. How about you? Who do you follow and why? I'd love some new suggestions to reinvigorate my social media life. 

And, hey, if you want to stalk me a little in that not-so-creepy way, you can find me in lots of places!

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  1. I don't follow anybody famous, just other self-published authors in the hope I'll learn from them, especially about marketing books.

    1. I definitely interact more with people more at my end of the food chain.

  2. Feminist horror? I didn't even know that existing as a genre!

  3. I keep an eye on a few authors, people who have helped me in the past and write great books. But I keep quiet about it, there are too many folk waiting to rip an innocent comment to pieces.

  4. I think we are already following each other on Twitter. Tweeted.

  5. I can't say I consider any authors I follow as stalking them. Stalking requires a lot of effort, after all. XD

    1. True. My interests are a little diffuse to count as stalking.