Sunday, February 17, 2013

February with a Twist: A New Flash Fiction Project

Image courtesy of gordon.milligan on Flickr Creative Commons (attribution link) 

This week, I'm participating in "February with a Twist" a project +Becket Moorby has organized through the +Flash Fiction Project on Google+.  The last round was fun for me and got me writing. I'm hoping to get over a hump in my current novel by letting my brain splash about in other pieces this week. Thanks for reading!


He loved to watch her, running in the sunshine. Her favorite golden yellow jacket shown like the rays of light originated in her instead of the clear autumn sky. He was keeping a watchful eye, like any good father would, but giving her some space to run, to feel free. Her arms spread wide as she ran like she wanted to hug the entire park. She was beautiful. His heart felt full to exploding with the beauty of her.

She spotted him on the bridge and smiled shyly, covering her mouth with her hands. He waved with just his fingertips. One more quick look around. No one was looking their way.

He grabbed her up with one arm, clamping his other hand over her sweet little mouth. He turned on his heel and walked towards his van as quickly as he could without looking suspicious, carefully not turning back when he heard her father call out, the panic rising in his voice with each repetition. "Kara? Kara? Kara?"

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