Monday, January 16, 2012

3 weeks overdue

Damnit. I was doing so well, too. I had quite nearly kept up with weekly blogging.  Then January came. And now it's been just short of 3 weeks. Where did the time go?

Is it just the way of resolutions? Three months then you fall off the wagon? I'd like to think I'm stronger than that. So, why didn't I keep it up? What have I been doing instead? Let's see . . .
  • I read. 3 books, in a row. Started a fourth.
  • I used my new Kitchenaid Stand Mixer to make a cake. 
  • I took a mini-vacation with my family to Great Wolf Lodge. 
  • I cleaned. A lot. Then did it again. Families are messy. And housework is something you can achieve even when you feel brain-dead and woogy on cold meds.
  • I prepared lesson plans, graded tests, attended meetings, called parents, and generally attended to the business of school. 
  • I played with my daughters.
  • I wrote several chapters for my novel.
  • I wrote an essay for a contest.
  • I fought a cold, mostly successfully
  • I fought fleas
  • I hosted the grandparents, twice. 
  • I went to the movies, twice. 
  • I went to my reading group and my writing group meetings
  • I let Barnes and Nobles buy me lunch because I'm a teacher. Thanks B&N!
That makes me feel a little better. The word "wrote" is in that list twice. So, are literary endeavors like "writing group" and "reading group" and reading books.   Even my movies were sort of literary: Sherlock Holmes and TinTin.  Plus, I'm really happy to have done all these things. Maybe I haven't been spinning my wheels and wasting time after all. Though, I notice my sister is absent from my list. Hmmmm. . . we need a girls' night.

It's all about priorities--and blogging apparently wasn't as near the top of that list as it has been.  Still. I think it's working. When I sit down to write, it's no longer a two hour warm up before I find any flow.  So, this is definitely still worth doing. Thanks to anyone who bothers reading my meanderings. Somehow, it's easier to do this journal-esque sort of writing if I believe someone is going to read it.

So, back to it. My novel gets the afternoon. Thank goodness for days off with open day care!

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  1. What I like about your blogs, from a husband's perspective, is that I get extra info about how you're doing. Sure, we make all possible effort communicate during the week, but that doesn't mean we have the time or brain cells to convey everything during those all-too-brief moments of conversation. This is my "director's commentary" track for what's going on in my Wildflower's mind and heart.