Saturday, September 24, 2011

Let's try this again

I like the idea of a blog. As someone who aspires to be a novelist, I should be writing all the time. In a way, I am. But the kind of writing I do in my teaching (lesson plans, explanations, classroom website, etc.) doesn't touch the same parts of my brain as my creative writing.

I like that part of my brain. I'd like to be in contact with it more often. It's a nice place, where unexpected connections pop up and fill me with a glow of epiphany. Like when I realized that Kirk and Sherry (protagonists in my novel--working title: His Other Mother) were dealing with many of the same issues that ended my first marriage. I had no idea, until I read a scene aloud to a group of writings I was spending a weekend with and was suddenly overwhelmed with sadness for Kirk and Sherry, the kind of sadness that is more personal than fictional. See, I don't need therapy--just some writing time!

Obviously, I have not, thus far, written much here. I'm hoping to change that. It's nearly Rosh Hashanah. A new school year has begun. This is the time of year that I feel the urge for new resolutions and self-improvement. So, here's the goal this year: write once a week. Here. About anything.

It's not like I've lacked ideas. I just haven't blocked out the time to do anything with them. I have always believed that the key to success in any endeavor is time invested: practice. So, if I want to get more out of my novel-writing time (a few hours every couple of weeks, assuming everyone in the house is healthy), I need to exercise that "creative writing" part of my brain, keep it strong and functioning.

I like me better when I've been writing. I bet other people do too.

So, let's try this again.

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  1. Good to hear that you're getting back into writing again... I need to do the same I think... Good for the mental faculties to be exercised by something other then work. Also, with the winter nights coming upon the eclipse point of summer days now's a good time to turn the corner creatively as well.

    Hope you can stick with your promise to yourself and continue writing every week... Think of it as an Evergreen college type of assignment to yourself... Nobody's grading it but you, now you just have to commit yourself to the promise made across the digital head space that is the blogger world.

    So here's to life and being in a weird place within and having the drive to push it all out your fingertips like little ninja assassins that want nothing more then to beat the plastic keys into Matte, or submission.

    Good luck and I look forward to hearing from you from afar.