Monday, June 29, 2009

Funny things make me sad when she's away

Monkeyfish is visiting the bio-Dad right now. In some ways, the break is nice. It's easier to get some household projects done with only one child to care for, for example. You would think I would be able to work on my novel, too . . . but there's the focus issue. I'm distracted.

I go to the grocery store, and cantaloupes make me sad. They're her favorite.

I see a long legged girl running down the street and for a moment my heart lifts, until I see that it's not her.

As I work on the house, all that organizing I find it hard to do during school, I find small things that she left about.

It's hard to go in her room to put away her clothes.

Come home to me soon, baby. I miss you too much.

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