Monday, May 15, 2023

Misshapen Crayons, an Open Book Blog Hop post


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People are like a box of crayons. Which crayon would you say that you are? 
This seems like one of those Barbara Walters interview questions. Do y'all remember her? I might be dating myself…

I have trouble choosing a color. I mean…this is what I look like: 

Photo by author's husband,
on a trip to Puerto Rico, March 2023

See? I can't even choose a single hair color! So if I'm a crayon, I'm one (at least one, maybe more) of the bright ones. Maybe a nice green or purple, maybe a blue or magenta. 

image source

I'm probably also one of the crayons in the box with the wrapper mostly missing, a little misshapen from having gotten too warm at some point, pointy still, but slanted because it had gotten dull and someone "sharpened" it by coloring for a long time on one spot. 

I'm no pristine crayon still perfect in the box. I've seen use. I've been loved. But, I've still got beauty left to make. 

So there you go, Barbara Walters, I'm an old magenta crayon with most of the wrapper missing, bent at the middle in the shape of the hand of the kid that loves me. How's that? 

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